Greek-English New Testament
Signs and Abbreviations

Greek Manuscripts:

A   Codex Alexandrinus, 5th century.
BCodex Vaticanus, 4th century.
CCodex Ephraemi Syri Rescriptus, 5th century.
DGospels and Acts: Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis, 5th century.
Epistles of Paul: Codex Claromontanus, 6th century.
ECodex Basilensis, 8th century.
LCodex Regius, 8th century.
PPapyrus manuscripts, with superscript numbers
(e.g. P46 = papyrus 46).
SCodex Sinaiticus, 4th century.
WCodex Freerianus, 5th century.

Editions of the Greek Text:

Alf.Alford 1849 as revised in 1871
BezaBeza 1598
Complut.  Complutensian Polyglot (Stunica 1522)
Elzev.Elzevir 1624
Eras.Erasmus 1527
Gries.Griesbach 1805
Hodg.Hodges & Farstad 1982 as corrected in 1985
Lach.Lachmann 1842
Nest.Nestle 1927 as revised in 1941 (17th).
Steph.  Stephens 1550 (Estienne 1550)
Tisch.Tischendorf 1869
Treg.Tregelles 1857
TRTextus Receptus (agreement of Stephens, Elzevir and Beza)
UBS.United Bible Societies, 3rd edition (Aland et al. 1979)
West.Westcott & Hort 1881
Word.Wordsworth 1856 as revised in 1870


LXX The Septuagint Clementine Vulgate, third edition (Clement 1592)
Tyn.Tyndale 1535
Gen.Geneva Bible (1560)
Bish.Bishops' Bible (1568)
KJVKing James version (1611)
ERVEnglish Revised Version (1881)
JNDDarby Version (1890)
ASVAmerican Standard Version (1901)
RSVRevised Standard Version (1946)
NASB  New American Standard Bible (1963)

Other Signs:

*after a manuscript indicates a correction by the original scribe
1after a manuscript indicates a reading introduced by its first corrector.
2after a manuscript indicates a reading introduced by its second corrector.
marg is added to the abbreviation for a critical text or translation when the reading is given as a likely alternative either in the margin or by means of brackets in the text.
text is added to the abbreviation for a critical text or translation when the reading is given in the text, but in brackets, or with an alternative reading in the margin.
AV indicates the reading of the Greek text presumed to underlie the King James version (also known as the "Authorized Version").
AV1611 indicates the edition of 1611 when a distinction must be made between it and later editions. See Appendix B: Changes in the KJV, for further information.
AV1769  indicates the Oxford edition of 1769, followed by all modern reprints of the KJV.