Why Do I Care about Women in Combat?

As a Christian I am saddened by many things that are happening in America these days. Ordinarily I do not focus on political issues. I think that political involvement is mostly a waste of time and energy for Christians, who would do far better to focus on building up the Church. We only waste precious time and energy trying to change the unregenerate world through political action, and we should know better. However, I consider the "women in combat" issue to be of great symbolical importance.

Sometimes it seems that our nation has gone mad. Have we really departed so far from any sane moral principles that we now think it is a good idea to send women into war? This is certainly the impression that the liberal news media wants to give, but I do not believe that ordinary Americans approve of this. I cannot believe that the American people have sunk so low, and my women in combat web page shows that many thoughtful Americans have protested against this latest outrage of politcal correctness. The liberal establishment's "news" media have done what they could to suppress our voices, but on the internet at least we will have our say.

President Bush could end this insane policy--which began with his predecessor Bill Clinton--with one executive order. Yet he has not done it. Is it because he sees no political reason to do it? Perhaps he fears that it would even hurt him politically to do the right thing. Evidently he and other politicians of the Republican party are not willing to provoke the wrath of the radical feminists who wield such influence in the establishment media now. In any case, I want to express my deep disappointment and my utter lack of confidence in George Bush as a President. He has sent American mothers and even teenage girls to be shot at, captured, raped and killed by cruel barbarians, in a faraway and needless war. My outrage over this is such that I cannot in good conscience vote for him in the coming election.

I have always been a Republican. My father and my great-grandfather were active Republicans who held public office. I have done campaign work for local Republicans. Yet now I am convinced that the Republican party cannot be relied upon to represent people like me, conservatives who care about the moral direction of our country and who are shocked to see teenage girls and mothers sent to die in Iraq.

In November I intend to vote for a presidential candidate who has spoken out on this issue, and who has promised to do what he can to end the insane "women in combat" policy--Michael A. Peroutka of the Constitution Party.

May God help us.

Michael Marlowe
July, 2004