Reiche, 1853. Johann Georg Reiche, Commentarius criticus in N.T., quo loca graviora et difficiliora lectionis dubiae accurate recensentur et explicantur. Tomus I, Epistolas Pauli ad Romanos et ad Corinthios datas continenes (Göttingen, 1853); Tomus II, Epistolas Apostoli Pauli minores continens (1859); Tomus III, Epistolam ad Hebraeos et Epistolas Catholicas continens (1862).

A Textual commentary on the Epistles.

Reuss, 1872. Eduardus Reuss, Bibliotheca Novi Testamenti Graeci, cuius editiones ab initio typographiae ad nostram aetatem impressas quotquot reperiri potuerunt collegit digessit illustravit. Brunsvigae: C.A. Schwetschke et Filium, 1872.

Reuss in this (Latin) book presents a comprehensive annotated bibliography of editions of the Greek New Testament. The editions are analyzed and sorted into helpful categories, with a very full description of the texts. It is regarded as the standard historical bibliography for scholars. A supplement to it is provided in Appendix I of Schaff 1891, compiled by Prof. Hall.

Reuss, 1884. Eduard Reuss and Edward Houghton, History of the Sacred Scriptures of the New Testament, by Eduard Reuss, Translated from the Fifth Revised and Enlarged German Edition, with Numerous Bibliographic Additions, by Edward L. Houghton. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Co., 1884.

This book is of value chiefly for the copious bibliographical references.

Rinck, 1830. Wilhelm Friedrich Rinck, Lucubratio critica in Acta Apostolorum, Epistolas Catholicas et Paulinas, in qua de classibus librorum manu scriptum quaestio instituitur, descriptio et varia lectio septem codicum Marcionarum exhibitur, atque observationes ad plurima loca cum Apostoli tum Evangeliorum dijudicanda et emendanda proponuntur. Basel, 1830.

A textual commentary on the Acts and Epistles.

Robertson, 1925. Archibald Thomas Robertson, An Introduction to the Textual Criticism of the New Testament. Nashville: Broadman, 1925. 2nd ed., 1928.

Includes ten pages on "The Use of Tischendorf" (chapter four).

Robertson, 1926. Archibald Thomas Robertson, Studies in the Text of the New Testament. Nashville: Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1926.

Rogers, 1537. John Rogers, The Byble, which is all the holy Scripture: in whych are contayned the Olde and Newe Testament truly and purely translated into Englysh by Thomas Matthew. MDXXXVII. Antwerp (?), 1537.

Called "Matthew's Bible" after the pseudonym assumed by Rogers. The New Testament is a revision of Tyndale 1535.

Rotherham, 1878. Joseph Rotherham, The New Testament: Newly Translated from the Greek Text of Tregelles and Critically Emphasized, with an Introduction and Occasional Notes. 2nd ed. London: Samuel Bagster and Sons, 1878.

A very literal translation of the text of Tregelles 1857, with its marginal alternatives.

Rotherham, 1897. Joseph Rotherham, The Emphasized Bible. Cincinnati: The Standard Publishing Company, 1897.

In this edition, Rotherham presents a very literal translation of the text of Westcott and Hort 1881, together with the marginal readings.