Bible Versions, Ancient

The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge. Vol. 2, p. 115ff.

Table of Contents


I. Greek Versions

  1. The Septuagint
    1. Origin
    2. Printed Editions
    3. Early Corruption of the Text
    4. The Hexapla of Origen
    5. Lucian and Hesychius
    6. Versions Made from the Septuagint
    7. Manuscripts
  2. Later Greek Translations
    1. Aquilla
    2. Symmachus
    3. Theodotion
    4. Bibliography

II. Latin Versions

  1. The Latin Bible before Jerome
    1. The Old Latin Bible. The Itala.
    2. Manuscripts and Editions
    3. Quotations in Latin Writers
  2. The Bible of Jerome (the Vulgate).
    1. Jerome's Work. The New Testament.
    2. The Old Testament
    3. History to the Invention of Printing
    4. Earlier Printed Editions
    5. The Sixtine-Clementine Edition
    6. Later Work. Problems.
  3. Later Latin Translations
  4. Bibliography

III. Syriac Versions

  1. The Peshito
    1. Origin and Name
    2. The Old Testament
    3. The New Testament
  2. Later Versions
  3. Bibliography

IV. The Samaritan Pentateuch

V. Aramaic Versions (the Targums).

  1. Origin and Language
  2. Targum Onkelos
  3. Targum Jonathan
  4. Other Targums of the Law and Prophets
  5. The Hagiographa
  6. Bibliography

VI. The Armenian Version

VII. The Egyptian Coptic Versions

VIII. The Ethiopic Version

IX. The Georgian (Iberian) Version

X. The Gothic Version of Ulfilas