Bibliography of the Great Bible

Bible, 1539. Miles Coverdale, ed., The Byble in Englysh, that is to say the content of all the holy Scripture, bothe of the Olde and Newe Testament, truly translated after the veryte of the Hebrue and Greke textes, by the dylygent men expert in the forsayde tonges. Prynted by Rychard Grafton & Edward Whitchurch. Cum privilegio ad imprimendum solum. London, 1539; second edition 1540.

This is a revision of Matthew's Bible (1537) supervised by Miles Coverdale. It was commonly called the "Great Bible" because of its size. The second edition (1540) included a Preface written by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, and so was sometimes called "Cranmer's Bible."

Reprints (New Testament)