Beginning in 1578 this page follows the title page in most printings of the Geneva Bible.

Of the incomparable Treasure of
the Holy Scriptures, with a prayer
for the true use of the same

Isa 12:3 & 49:10.
Rev 21:16 & 22:17
Jer 33:15
Psa 119:160
Rev 2:7 & 22:2
Psa 119:142,144

John 6:35

Luke 2:10

Eph 6:16

Mat 7:6

2 Pet 2:22

Mat 6:22

Psa 119:27,73

Jude 20

Psa 119:11

Josh 1:8

Psa 1:1,2
Psa 94:12,13
Here is the Spring where waters flow,
     to quench our heat of sin:
Here is the Tree where truth doth grow,
     to lead our lives therein:
Here is the Judge that stints the strife,
     when men's devices fail:
Here is the Bread that feeds the life,
     that death cannot assail.
The tidings of Salvation dear,
     comes to our ears from hence:
The fortress of our Faith is here,
     and shield of our defence.
Then be not like the hog, that hath
     a pearl at his desire,
And takes more pleasure of the trough
     and wallowing in the mire.
Read not this book, in any case,
     but with a single eye:
Read not, but first desire God's grace,
     to understand thereby.
Pray still in faith, with this respect,
     to fructify therein,
That knowledge may bring this effect,
     to mortify thy sin.
Then happy thou, in all thy life,
     whatso to thee befalls:
Yea, double happy shalt thou be,
     when God by death thee calls.

O Gracious God and most merciful Father, which hast vouchsafed us the rich and precious jewel of thy holy Word, assist us with thy Spirit, that it may be written in our hearts to our everlasting comfort, to reform us, to renew us according to thine own image, to build us up, and edify us into the perfect building of thy Christ, sanctifying and increasing in us all heavenly virtues. Grant this, O heavenly Father, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.