Young, 1863. Robert Young, The Holy Bible ... literally and idiomatically translated out of the original languages. Edinburgh: A. Fullarton and Co., 1863. Revised edition 1887. Third edition 1898. Reprinted frequently under the title, The Holy Bible, consisting of the Old and New Covenants, translated according to the Letter and Idioms of the Original Languages.

Commonly known as Young's Literal Translation, this is an exceedingly literal translation of Estienne 1550.

Young, 1880. Robert Young, Variations of the Alexandrian, Vatican, and Sinaitic MSS of the New Testament.

Thus the work is noticed, without publication information, in an advertisement usually printed in Young's other works.

Young, 1881. Robert Young, Contributions to a new Revision, or, a critical Companion to the New Testament, being a Series of Notes on the Original Text, with the View of securing greater Uniformity in its English Rendering, including the chief Alterations of the Revision of 1881 and of the American Committee. Edinburgh: G.A. Young, 1881.

For the versions mentioned in the title see the English Revised Version and the American Standard Version