Bibliography of Textual Criticism


This Bibliography is designed specifically to assist those who are studying the history of New Testament textual criticism. I created it initially for my own use as an historical researcher, as a method of organizing material for a book I intend to write on the subject. For this reason the bibliography includes much information on books of historical importance that were published hundreds of years ago; but of course the reader must understand that many of these books are now quite obsolete as sources of information on the manuscripts. The annotations also are such as would serve the purposes of an historian. And for the same reason the indexes are chronological, although the bibliography itself is arranged alphabetically by author or editor.

For information on the English versions, please consult the separate Bibliography of English Versions. Some of the hypertext links in this bibliography will lead the user to articles there. Use the back button on your browser to return to this biblography.

I would especially like to thank the librarians of the Princeton Seminary Library for allowing me to examine many of the books that appear in this bibliography--books which would be practically inaccesible to me without their wonderful collection. And thanks also to my wife Karen, who understood why I had to drive to places like Princeton to do this work.

Michael Marlowe
October 2001